Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a Long Ways Away

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a Long Ways Away

If you were hoping to play Beyond Good and Evil 2 anytime in the near future, you’ll be sad to hear that the beta won’t even be in full swing until late next year.

This news actually comes from the Instagram of Michel Ancel who works at Ubisoft. While posting a picture of one of the many doorways into Ganesha, a user asked for a release date, Ancel replied stating that Ubisoft is hoping to have a playable beta by the end of next year.


Ubisoft’s betas typically are months out before the actual release of their game, so it is safe to assume that this means Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be launching sometime in 2020.

The development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still very much under construction, just at E3, Joseph Gordon-Levitt came out during the Ubisoft presser to promote their partnership with his company HitRECord program. This program allows fans to submit their own artwork, music, statues, and other general works of art to possibly be in the game. The fact that these elements are still being implemented, and the news of a beta coming late next year, its possible that Beyond Good and Evil 2 could either be the swan song game for the current gen consoles, or the marquee title to usher in a new generation. Only time will tell


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