Days Gone Release Date Announced.

Days Gone Release Date Announced.

As part of Sony’s early E3 reveals, we received more information on the hotly anticipated Days Gone.


First and foremost, the release date, which is now officially February 22, 2019.

To accompany the somewhat sad news that we won’t be able to play Days Gone this year, Sony Bend (the team responsible for the biker themed zombie apocalypse) also revealed a new trailer that shows we have more to worry about than just Freakers, as well as Deacon and his compatriots.

It seems that humans aren’t the only ones who can be affected by the disease that turns you into a Freaker. The trailer shows off a pack of wild dogs that have obviously been turned. They are seen eating a corpse and have bits of their skin falling off, much like their Freaker brethren. To fuel everyone’s nightmare of crows and the fear that Birdemic is real, crows also seemed to be affected and will hunt you down with prejudice.


It wouldn’t be a zombie survival game if you were only fighting off zombies and the wildlife. A cult like group called R.I.P or Rippers were also showcased. Rippers worship Freakers for reasons that haven’t quite been explained yet. They even dress themselves like Freakers and refuse to harm them in any way. You’ll be forced to take out some of their strongholds, and the PlayStation Blog promises some entertainment if you can lead a group of Freakers to their outpost.

There were also three characters shown that work closely with Deacon. The first was Boozer, a member of the MC Mongrels with Deacon, these two have a brotherhood that only organized crime can bring about. Next we have Alkai Turner, who will supply you with weapons throughout the game. Lastly, is Ada Tucker who seems to be part of the medical team at a local prison before things went south.


That seems to be all the information Sony is releasing at this point. Be sure to check out the trailer above for more!


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