Fallout 76 Beta Headed to Xbox One First

Fallout 76 Beta Headed to Xbox One First

Fallout is a game that captivates players around the world, and any time Bethesda announces something related to the intellectual property, fans go rabid with questions. Thankfully Bethesda has put together a FAQ on their website outlining all the possible questions you could have regarding pre-orders and more.

The section regarding the beta and when gamers can get their hands on it was particularly interesting. According to the FAQ pre-orders are open to a myriad of systems, however, those who pre-order on an Xbox system will have early access to the beta.

Bethesda has not yet commented when the beta may be released  exactly, but their website promises to update when new information is available. Fallout 76 releases on November 14th, so the beta should be announced any time now.

Fallout 76 is a departure of series mainstays, primarily being an online game. Previously you could play the Fallout games alone, now 76 boasts that you can play along with friends, or alone in a server with few random strangers. This isn’t the first time Bethesda has thrown one of their beloved IP’s into the online foray, Elder Scrolls Online was their most recent attempt. Although, Elder Scrolls Online had a rocky start, eventually Bethesda cleaned it up and packaged it the way that was appealing to consumers.


Hopefully Bethesda can get off on the right foot when Fallout 76 launches this November 14th.


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