Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Revealed, Plus Tons of Details

Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Revealed, Plus Tons of Details

Swinging Into the Fall


Spider-Man was revealed back at E3 2016 exclusively for Playstation 4, industry behemoths Insomniac Games would be the one heading up the project. With few updates between the initial reveal, Insomniac has kept many things close to their chests. All of that changes today when GameInformer revealed the release date as well as a plethora of additional information regarding your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.


Let’s get some of the biggest news right out of the way, Spider-Man will be launching exclusively on Playstation 4 on September 7th. The only game announced to come out around the time of Spider-Man is Shadow of the Tomb Raider a week after Spidey. It seems that the rest of the industry is using their Spidey Sense to steer clear of that week as it will surely be dominated by the Wall-Crawler.


The next bit of news concerns the official box art that was revealed today, as well as the different variations of the game available. Per the Playstation Blog that reported on the news as soon as it dropped.

Source: Playstation Blog


The box art features Spider-Man confidently swinging across a deep crimson backdrop that really accentuates the blue and new white that is in his costume.


Of course the game is retailing for $59.99, but it’s those other editions of the game that have really caught our attention. First off, there is the Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with The City that Never Sleeps; story DLC that is comprised of three additional chapters for Spidey to explore. Along with the DLC there will be new villains as well as new suites for Spider-Man to acquire. However, not much information regarding the DLC has been revealed as of this time. One suite has been revealed thanks the promotional imagery from Sony, Spider-Punk from the Spider-Verse comics will be playable.


Source: Playstation Blog


Spider-Punk has an iconic look to him, denim vest, spiked mohawk, and of course converse adorn his feet. In the comics he’s even seen carrying and playing an electric guitar. For True Believers who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game will be mailed a physical metal pin of Spider-Man as he is posed on the cover of the title. Gamers will also receive a Spider-Drone, however, it’s not quite clear what that will do in game as of now. You’ll also receive an exclusive theme for your PS4, Avatar and 5 additional skill points to be used in game. This version of the game will set you back $79.99.


The physical Collector’s Edition version of the game will come with all of the accutroments of the Digital Version but with even more goodies, obviously. Folks who pick up this version of the game will be treated to a SteelBook that has the same crimson red but adorned the front is the unique white Spider logo from Peter’s chest. A mini artbook that seems to be the standard pack in for Collector’s Edition. Either way, we look forward to perusing through the pages of wonderful art that is sure to fill those pages. However, the most exciting of this edition is unequivocally the statue. With this statue, all we see is Spider-Man atop a mystery box. Insomniac is keeping the rest of the statue a surprise, this is a new tactic as most devs lay out all the information of their Collector’s Editions as they are revealed.

Source: Playstation Blog


The mysterious Collector’s Edition will cost you a solid $149.99.

Of course with this announcement, a release date and different versions of the game just wouldn’t be enough for Insomniac Games. We also were blessed with a short trailer that shows off Spider-Man and the grungy Spider-Punk in action.


Some smaller tidbits of information have also been revealed thanks to a quick and quirky rapid fire interview by GameInformer. Firstly, we see a very brief look at Spider-Man Noir. Also, confirmation that Spider-Man will be eight years into being Spidey. Mary Jane will be in the game and a playable character. Also, disappointingly, Kangaroo Man will not make an appearance.


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